(VIDEO) PSA to produce a micro EV soon? Update of the VéLV


Initially presented at the ADEME forum in 2011, the concept of small urban electric vehicle by PSA, the VéLV has been revealed in a “close to production” version during the Innovation Days organized by the group today.


Compared to the 2011 version, this update offers a design evolution, with new front and rear-ends, corresponding to the drawing presented in March 2012 but that had never been revealed as a prototype.

Its specs-sheet does not change: it welcomes three people in 2.81m, announces a power 20kW in continuous allowing a max speed of 110kph, and the 8.5 kWh battery pack a 100km range.


The VéLV is a drivetrain demonstrator but also industrially viable with a simple construction as you can see in the video below:

Fiberglass shell, aluminum parts, plastic parts dyed or painted and integration of subcontractor parts, Valeo, Leoni, Saft ...


However still no indication on the brand that is most likely to sell the vehicle, Peugeot or Citroen? The question remains...

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