Will Tata launch its compact electric car eMO?


The Indian manufacturer Tata presented the eMO an interesting concept of electric car last year at the Detroit Auto Show last year, since then, nothing...


The eMO (standing for Electric Mobility) exhibited on the manufacturer's stand had it all: a fun design, affordable and innovative, in short the ideal vehicle that could democratize the electric vehicle in the Western countries and make the busy streets of New-Delhi and Mumbai more breathable.


This compact electric car was likely to change the rules for the electric car - whose prices (excluding government subsidies) are still very high, mainly because of the battery costs. A year later, "Nothing is decided yet about a possible series production," according to Kevin Fisher, CEO of Tata Technologies, innovation branch of the company.


It is true that the press was perhaps a little too enthusiast and decided that the eMO should be built, but when it had been unveiled, and despite its magnificent glass roof and antagonist doors, it had been tested only... 30 hours. Moreover its small motor allowed it a relative maximum speed of 104 kph.

We must say that the reputation its manufacturer, which owns Land Rover and Jaguar had preceded it. Tata manufactures the cheapest car in the world, the Nano proposed for the equivalent of less than 2500 euros in India. But they have also developed electric vehicles like the Indica EV, one of the cheapest electric cars, light it achieved a range of 217 kms in a test conducted in 2010 by the Spanish daily "El Mundo"!


We also know that Tata is invested in compressed air engine with a license purchased from the French company MDI, a technology also under development...

So Tata? Electric? Compressed air? Both?

Via Forbes // Article par Jeremi Michaux

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