The first diesel-electric train with regenerative braking tested in Germany


A test project has just been launched by the Deutsche Bahn between the cities of Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg, a distance of 37km with 14 stops, ideal for testing the regenerative braking technology.


This diesel-electric locomotive based on a Siemens Desiro Classic VT 642 is a conversion which offers 315kW of hybrid power, presented last September at the Innotrans Show this hybrid locomotive has entered a phase of full-scale test.

The conversion of this locomotive has been done by Tognum in partnership with the Deutsche Bahn that wants to use their non-electrified network in a sustainable way.

Equipped with a diesel engine coupled to the MTU hybrid system, fuel savings are up to 25% according to the first tests.


The joint project with the German Federal Ministry of Transport could eventually equip other locomotives. According to Rainer Bomba, State Secretary for Transport: "Once the hybrid system ready for mass production, hundreds of locomotives could benefit from such a conversion with regenerative braking in Germany, thus contributing to greenhouse gas emissions reduction and lowering energy costs."

Half of the trains in Europe still reject CO2 and greenhouse gas, only 50% between the two are all-electric. 
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