The Tesla Model X introduces carbon parts in Detroit


After a reveal in Tesla’s design studio almost a year ago, the Model X first electric crossover of the brand chose the Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS 2013) to make its first public debut.


Here it is, in the middle of Tesla’s booth and that’s a good news. Some announced here and there some economic difficulties for the brand that would delay the release of new models... The Model X, coming out of factories in 2014 is the best answer! Based on the Model S’ chassis, Tesla developed a new car that incorporates the hallmarks of their electric sedan with always a taste for differentiation...


Constant innovation

To withstand and convince, innovation is the mantra of the brand, just like in the Model S, 7 people can sit in the car with ease thanks to the falcon doors -fully automated as you can see in the video below.

The chassis houses the battery packs offering a high-level of stability for an SUV via a very low center of gravity. Performance-wise, various options are possible: two or four-wheel drive, classic or "performance" setup and two types of battery with a capacity of 60 or 85 kWh.


This is not because the Tesla Model X is an SUV that performance has been neglected since it achieves the 0-100 kph in less than 5 seconds in the Performance setup. In silence and for the same price as the Model S, serious arguments to seduce the American market!


The exterior design does not evolve but we notice some carbon elements in the grille, front spoiler, the wheels and rear diffuser, constrasting with the white livery ... Seductive!

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