(VIDEO) The Sun Trip : a solar electric bike raid across Europe


Have you ever wanted to leave everything behind with just a backpack and your bike for a great human adventure and to discover beautiful landscapes? This dream, the participants of the 2013 Sun Trip raid will be able to realize it from June until September.


These brave cyclists will go from the National Institute of Solar Energy, Savoie Technolac to Astana, the capital of Kazhakstan on their own, without any assistance, except the one of their electric bicycle. During the journey, they will cross 10 countries and cover no less than 7000 kms!

Eventhough the bikes are electrically assisted with batteries recharged by solar panels, the competition is one of the toughest in the world due to the repeated physical effort and exposure to outdoor conditions. But it is also be one of the most beautiful because, starting from Savoie, participants will go through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Turkey ... travelling 100 to 150 kms per day!

TheSunTrip (2).jpg

Participants may choose one of the two routes decided by the organization, or trust their GPS or sense of direction...
Stay tuned for the launch of the event from Albertville, Savoie on Saturday, June 15th.

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