(VIDEO) NAIAS 2013: VW CrossBlue, diesel plug-in hybrid 6-seater SUV


Live from Detroit, a new German concept-car, Volkswagen presents the CrossBlue.


The CrossBlue is Volkswagen‘s new diesel plug-in hybrid SUV, this concept will fit directly in the current line up above the Touareg and Tiguan. 

The CrossBlue is in fact 0.2 meters longer than the Touareg and 0.6 meters than the Tiguan, what’s more, it will offer the 6 seats.
VW_CrossBLue (1).jpg
It features a 190hp diesel engine directly combined with two electric motors, one at the front which developps 40kw and  one on the rear axle which develops 85kW, thepower is mated to a 6 speed dual clutch DSG gearbox, for a total output of 306hp and 700nm of torque. 

The German brand announces a consumption of 2.1 liters per 100km (EU test ) and a 0 to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds.

It features a button to switch in zero emission mode, in which the 9.8kWh battery enables the car to travel approximatively 33km. In this mode the top speed is limited to 120kph while its reaches 204kph otherwise.

VW_CrossBLue (2).jpg

The design is from the very famous Walter de Silva, who is Volkswagen’s group Head of Design. In terms of size the CrossBlue will fit perfectly to the American standards, indeed the CrossBlue is 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.73 meters high.

Key elements of this model it is possible to recharge the battery from a standard socket, but also to connect directly some electric devices, practical for camping using the car as a generator.
VW_CrossBLue (5).jpg
Last thing, the CrossBlue having a diesel engine combined with an 40kW electric motor on the front axle. And an independant 85kw electric motor on the rear axle. It has a system where the first electric motor becomes a generator for the rear axle motor. In order to maintain the four-wheel drive system even when the battery is low, the CrossBlue having no mechanical link between the front and the rear axle…

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