(VIDEO) Cadillac ELR, specifications of the series model


A time called Converj concept, this Chevrolet Volt in a Cadillac 2+2 coupe version receives almost no changes in terms of style ... Only the headlights change significantly, in LED and larger.


This Cadillac ELR uses GM EREV technology featured in the Volt in a more powerful and torquier version: it now offers a combined output of 207hp for 400nm of torque, the 16.5kWh T-shaped battery placed in the chassis weighs 198kg but offers 56km of range in electric-only for 480km in combined thanks to the 1.4l range extender.

2014-Cadillac-ELR (7).jpg

The full charge of the battery takes about 4.5 hours on the 240V, it is also guaranteed 8 years and / or 100,000 miles (160.934km).

“ELR is an unprecedented combination of luxury, advanced engineering and progressive design in a coupe that is both sporty and environmentally friendly,” 

2014-Cadillac-ELR (1).jpg

The brand does not announce if the car will be launched in Europe or the date of release in the United States but we can imagine the end of 2013, early 2014 ... Emissions of the car have not yet been announced.

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