Infiniti Q50 - future benchmark for premium hybrid sedans?

Update of January 14th article with the live video reveal of the car in Detroit (NAIAS 2013).

Steer-by-wire electric steering and M35h powertrain in a smaller format, the new G37 announces strong ambitions for Nissan’s premium brand!

Its design evolves, becomes more aggressive, athletic, like Lexus that has taken sporty shift with its new IS, Infiniti also chose to stand-out, although in a less extreme way than the IS.

Infiniti_Q50 (2).jpg

The Infiniti Q50 is essential for the brand as it ushers Infiniti’s new code names and as such it has to make an impression... Its profile and rear-end remain round but are more aggressive, while the front-end gets sharp headlights and a bumper that houses sporty design vents.


This Q50 should land in Europe shortly after the U.S. launch this summer and should be exhibited in Geneva!

The Q50 will be offered in back-wheel drive but also four wheel drive transmission giving it an advantage over the other hybrid sedans, add a specs-sheet with 364hp… Infiniti is clearly aiming at the BMW ActiveHybrid3 and Lexus IS300h...

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