Via Motors X-Trux: American excess with range extender


Although America shifted towards more efficient and electrified vehicles, American excess remains... At the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS 2013), the young manufacturer Via Motors has introduced two new models, including an impressive electric pickup with range extender offering 800hp in peak, the X-Trux!


This new EREV has indeed an electric motor developing 402hp and 400nm in peak and is also  assisted by a 4.3l V6… In electric-only, a range of 55 to 65km is announced for 480km in combined mode.

Equipped with an integral transmission, 0 to 60mph (96kph) is announced in 9.7seconds for a maximum speed of 136kph.

ViaMotors_X-Trux (2).jpg

Recharging the battery takes 4 hours to 8 hours depending on the voltage and fuel consumption is rated at 100mpg (2.35 l/100km)!

The other vehicle presented by Via Motors in Detroit is a electric SUV with range extender with wiser specs but that announces the arrival of Via Motors on the private customer segment after the utility vehicles already sold for almost 3 years...

ViaMotors_X-Trux (4).jpg

By the way in case you don’t remember, Europe as a strong competitor in stock, the Bremach T-Rex!
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