Partnership between Air Fuel Synthesis and Quimera to develop the new Aspid SS Sport!


A press release emerged last week, two innovative companies are forming an alliance:

On one hand the company Quimera known for their Supercar, AEGT01 an electric race car with 700hp and 1000nm in peak.
On the other hand, Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) that found a way to create synthetic fuel from water and CO2.

The two entities will give a boost to another adventure -not less interesting, IFR Automotive’s, a Spanish manufacturer who had already presented a prototype of high-performance and very lightweight sports-car!


At the AutoSport Show which opened this week in Birmingham they revealed that they jointly develop a new supercar that will demonstrate Quimera and AFS’ expertise.

Its name, the Aspid SS with a specs sheet announcing 450hp from a 2.0l and 780kg for a 0 to 100kph in just 2.6 seconds!


The idea is to allow "carbon neutral motorsport", this new Aspid could be part of the ambitious project EV Series launched by the ALMS!

To be continued ...

On the pictures is the first Aspid SS (SuperSport) model presented in 2008
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