(VIDEO) Polar Pod, Jean-Louis Etienne’s new challenge: around the South Pole with a floating platform


In November 2011, we presented the project SeaOrbiter, Jean-Louis Etienne, the French explorer aims to do the same thing at the South Pole with the Polar Pod.


The Polar Pod platform measures 100m and weights 720 tons, imagined to withstand the "furious fifties", for its design, Jean-Louis Etienne took inspiration from the American drifting platform FLIP (60 years of service) and the offshore wind-turbine technology.

The Polar Pod welcoming 7 persons will study the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic with the help of the Circumpolar Current flowing from West to East. The world’s most powerful current will decide the trajectory of the Polar Pod which that will only be supplied with electricity through wind turbines placed in the mat.

Polar_pod.jpgPolar_pod (2).jpg

This Antartica’s satellite will be towed horizontally up to its study area and then its ballasts will be filled with water, making it switch upright.

The next two years will be devoted to the construction of the platform, before a series of tests for a setup in the Circumpolar Current within 3 to 4 years.

The budget of the project is estimated at 8 million €.

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