(VIDEO) 555TES Minute-S Hybrid dream machine – Akira’s three-wheeler


This demonstration of expertise has been presented by Toyota’s Association of Engineers at the Tokyo Auto Salon which gathers all the best Japanese and International tuners.

Informally they have developed an hybrid three-wheeler vehicle with radical styling.

555TES_Minute-S (6).jpg

The 555TES Minute-S is a tubular chassis with a roll cage fitted with Yamaha WR250 engine and combined Toyota Aqua’s hybrid system (Prius C in the rest of the world), to provide 42kW power and 167Nm of torque at peak.

This prototype should not see production, but since its main components are taken from series parts, it would not be complicated to build and its price could be reasonable ...


During testing the 555TES Minute-S reached a maximum speed of 80kph for a combined consumption of 2.7l/100km.

Its specs sheet is a little less extreme than its look predicts but as urban vehicle, it would do the job!

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