(VIDEO) The Oscar-eo ranks #12 in the Africa Eco Race

The famous electric SUV with range-extender, Oscar-eo, developed by the company Drive-eo, has completed the Africa Eco Race this week.

After the Dakar last year or the Silkway Rally where the car finished 21st overall on sixty cars at the finish line, for 2013 the two Latvians teams chose this event that wishes to pursue the spirit of the original Dakar.

Oscar-eo_Africa_Eco_Race (5).jpg

Drive-eo brought two teams, one with a "classic" combustion model, the other with their electric range extender prototype that we detailed on several occasions.

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The Africa Eco Race is a rally open to different categories of vehicles: motorcycles, 4x4 or trucks from innovative vehicles such as the Oscar-eo to classic 911 that contributed to the glory of rally-raids in the 80s.

The 2013 Africa Eco Race offered 11 stages through three different countries, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

Oscar-eo_Africa_Eco_Race (7).jpg

Māris Saukans and Uldis Dzenis aboard the Oscar-eo with the number 217 ranked 12th out of 40 competitors, again a good performance from the vehicle and its pilots!

Here is a video in which you can see the Oscar-eo at 8:33 going through the dunes the tough way!

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