(VIDEO) 2013 Nissan Leaf in detail, production starts in the US

We announced it last November, the 2013 Nissan Leaf evolves, presented first in Japan, the production of Nissan’s compact electric car has just started in the Smyrna plant, Tennessee.

Its style does not really change -arrival of LEDs in the front bumper and new wheels- but the car has been completely revised: it now offers a larger cargo space +40 liters to 370 liters and a bigger range, 228km in JC08 cycle (+15%), thanks to a weight down by 10%.

2013_Nissan_LEAF (5).jpg

Also, the new 80kW electric motor uses 40% less of rare earths materials.

Its arrival in Europe is planned for the second quarter of the year, with a price that should be lower, thanks to a new entry-level version, three versions in total S, X, and G in Japan, S, SV and SL in the United States.

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