Here is the new Reva NXR, Mahindra e2o

The history of the company Reva begins with the Revai launched in India in 2001 and in England in 2004 under the evocative name of G-Wiz.

Belonging to the Mahindra Group since 2010, the “ex-Reva” brand represents the future of mobility for the Indian group.

This "new" Mahindra E2O meets the policy of the group, 5C: Clean, Convenient, Connected, Clever and Cost effective.

Revealed Monday after "months of tests," its powertrain has likely evolved for an official launch announced soon with a Lithium-Ion battery offering 100km of range.
The name of Reva is still present on the car as its full name will be Mahindra e20 "powered by Reva."

For the time being no change in terms of style and we wonder if the concept NXG is still on tracks!

About charging and the capacity of the local network, Mahindra offers autonomous personal solar station solutions under the name "Sun2Car."

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