(VIDEO) BMW i3 - still not priced but a date of arrival in showrooms!

While the final price or even the production version of the BMW i3 is still not known, BMW announced that the car would already in showrooms (in France) on the 16 November 2013.

The compact electric car with range extender (e-Rex) should be revealed soon in series version at the Geneva Motor Show (March) or Frankfurt (September).
At first the BMW i3 will be available only in some dealers - certainly those of large French cities.

BMW_i3_Coupé_Concept.jpgBMW_i3_Coupé_Concept (2).jpg

For the record, the BMWi3 is a 100% electric car, which should have an optional range extender, its specs sheet announces up to 170hp and 250Nm, for a range of 160km in daily use, with a maximum speed of 150kph (specs of the i3 Concept).

About pricing rumors, talk about a price below € 40,000 but nothing more precise at the moment...

Here is a video of the latest i3 concept presented in Los Angeles in late 2012, the BMW i3 Concept Coupe.

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