Made in China, BMWi wheels, ForSpeed headlights, with iQ size!

Here is another example of Asian plagiarism with a design model that has just been filed at the local patent office.

From the first glance we recognize directly the headlight design features from the Smart Forspeed (foreshadowing the next generation of Smart expected soon) and an inspiration in the grille and bumper. The rear lights are also a pure forgery of Smart’s design ...

Nanjing_Jiayuan_ev.jpgNanjing_Jiayuan_ev (2).jpg

For the wheels, we must turn the BMW and their aerodynamic wheels presented in the i3 and i8 concepts...

For the general design, it is less obvious but the “very geometric” drawing of rear quarter recalls the Chevrolet Spark while the format is close to an iQ!

Fortunately with many inspirations taken from the electric cars to come, this Nanjing Jiayuan EV is powered by an electric powertrain! In fact, the company Nanjing Jiayuan sells electric vehicles – sedans, trucks and buses - for over 10 years.

If one of these cars touches the European soil, Daimler should have the same reaction as when a Wheego LiFe arrived in Germany, grinds!
Via WCF & CarNewsChina
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