(VIDEO) That’s how a 2000hp electric dragster burns rubber!

After CO2 emissions and instant torque here is another field in which electric cars will be able to play (and beat) their combustion cousins, raw power, beastly!


While getting horsepower from a combustion engine requires a large number of cylinders and / or turbochargers, making the setup complex and reliability impossible, with electric motors you “simply” need to assemble the right number of motors and fit a big enough battery to get your power!

Therefore, electric vehicles have been demonstrating their capabilities in dragster races for several years already like the White Zombie, the Rimac e-M3 or the Peugeot EX1 ...

The last example, and the most violent up to date is the SW37 by HighTechSystems Dragster, a monster developing more than 1500kW, 2011hp!

I let you discover it in images...

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