(VIDEO) Xkuty One: an electric scooter design for 2800€

Here is (again) an interesting novelty coming from Spain, the Company Electric Mobility Company has developed the Xkuty One, an electric two-wheeler described as a bicycle without pedals.

Its style and communication are very sleek, an attractive package!
The Xkuty is a U-shaped frame housing two Lithium-Ion batteries, on this frame are grafted a fork, a swingarm, handlebar and saddle, that’s it!

Xkuty_e-scooter (2).jpg

Sleek but well-thought, the location of the electric components have been placed for an optimum weight distribution. The motor (1.5kW) is located in the rear hub and the swingarm is damped by a suspension derived from mountain bikes. Braking is entrusted to two discs front and rear as well as regenerative braking from the electric motor.

About the tacho, a Smartphone application (iOS and Android) and a dock placed on the handlebar will provide information about speed, charge level...

Xkuty_e-scooter (4).jpgXkuty_e-scooter (7).jpg

The charger is placed under the seat and allows a full charge in 2 hours.
Equivalent to a 50cc, the speed of this electric scooter is limited to 45kph for a range of 50km.

With this approach, designers have also limited the number of parts and manage to offer a price not so far from those of bigger manufacturers such as Matra e-Mo or Yamaha EC-03, which can be compared this Xkuty (price / performances) with a bonus for originality!

The originality can be pushed with different choices of colors for the frame, saddle and grips, allowing up to 60 combinations.

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