(VIDEO) SSIKE a simple and affordable single person electric vehicle

The market of single person electric transportation is relatively large but they are often expensive or not easy to handle, here is a new alternative, the SSIKE.

It works without using gyroscopes – with your own balance - and provides sensations comparable to those of skiing according to its designers. Only technical difficulty, management and direction of the rear wheel which is patented: the front wheel drives and rear wheel is directional.


Simple, the SSIKE still stands out against an electric kick scooter thanks to its original design.

Spanish product manufactured in Barcelona, this one-person vehicle is powered by a 250Watt electric motor allowing a maximum speed of 20kph.
Very efficient with a consumption of 6Wh/km its range is announced at 40km from a 40V and 6Ah LiFePO4 battery.

With 12kg, the SSIKE folds to follow you everywhere easily: subway, train, apartment or car trunk.

Its price is announced at € 1,390 excluding VAT. For the record here are some of the alternatives: Yike Bike, Solowheel, SBU or the EGRET kick scooter.

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