(VIDEO) Magnesium-Air battery, the KIST tests the technology in electric vehicles

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology announced last month having successfully developed and tested the Magnesium-Air battery technology.

We presented over 2 years ago the Zinc-Air battery technology, there is now an alternative with a material that seems to be emerging as the new Lithium, Magnesium.

First, in early December, Toyota announced to work on Magnesium-Ion batteries for its vehicles, and it is now a Korean Institute that has developed a Magnesium-air technology that allows energy density 5 times higher than lithium-Ion.

The development phase is already quite advanced as this technology is not only running in the laboratory but already in cars, a vehicle AD Motors Change EV has been equipped with this new battery technology, confirming its potential, and a charging time announced at ten minutes!

The KIST promises up to 800km of range - without revealing the capacity in kWh...

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