(VIDEO) Elio Motors, an efficient three-wheeler to be produced in a former GM plant

Here's another encouraging sign, the remnants of the gas-guzzlers era are now converted into plant for electric and efficient vehicles, after Tesla who bought the Fremont plant (formerly owned by Toyota) it is now the turn of a young dynamic company.

Elio Motors has launched in 2009 the project of an efficient two-seater vehicle on three wheels, since no news, until this week with the announcement of an agreement for the purchase of a plant located next to Shreveport, Los Angeles, former GM plant.

Elio_Motors_trike (5).jpg

An announcement that happens simultaneously with the opening of reservations for this three-wheeler which is supposed to revolutionize mobility, thanks to an affordable price, announced at $ 6800 with 3 airbags, ABS, air conditioning, electric windows...

According to the company 1500 employees should be hired by April for first deliveries expected in summer 2014.

Elio_Motors_trike (6).jpg

The Elio Trike could receive two types of transmission options, manual or automatic.
No information on the type of engine used or a precise specs sheet but already a series of numbers showing a consumption 87mpg highway (2.8l/100km), a range of 672 miles (1081km) from a 8 gallons tank (30.2 liters).

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