(VIDEO) Applus IDIADA iShare - car-sharing bound EV prototype

Here is Applus IDIADA’s latest demonstrator, a two-seater electric vehicle designed for car-sharing.

We presented the company last May, a Spanish consulting company specialized in engineering that revealed then the e-Born 3 at the SAE World Congress, a concept of electric minibus.

The iShare demonstrator uses the same front-end design as the e-born 3 but has only two seats, its purpose is different, car-sharing and the urban environment.


All phases of the project were managed internally from design to production, passive and active safety, certification and even connectivity specific to car-sharing with opening of the car via badge or smartphone.

The keyword of the project "Led by functionnality" designed around its primary function, urban mobility and car-sharing with dimensions even smaller than a Smart.

Projects in this sector abound always more accurate or innovative with for example Hiriko, the EDAG Lightcar or Ha:mo in Japan.

No specs sheet is available for the moment but the demonstrator is a working protoype!

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