(VIDEO) E-volo VC200: a new category of aircraft on its own

Remember, the phenomenon e-volo is a man who takes off vertically from the middle of a field, literally lifted by dozens of drones and only thanks to electrical power - the prototype called VC1 was making its first demonstration.

The company E-Volo led by Alexander Zosel and its Volocopters was born and about six months after they were announcing big ambitions with two models and a series production in the short term... The road of commercialization continues and from April this year, the first units of the VC200 built in carbon fiber (with DG Aircraft) should be available for a series of tests.


Indeed, following the inaugural flight, the company has received support from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, a 2 million € grant, enough to power-up the development of such a project!

It is now the Department of Transportation that takes over to create a new aircraft category for this new type of aviation, an ultralight with vertical takeoff (VTOL)

Tests will be conducted in this direction over a period of 2 to 3 years to determine how and where the VC200 will be able to fly and allow adequate training for pilots of Volocopters.

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