(VIDEO) Samsonite Scooter - Micro Scootcase - the perfect hand luggage

Here is an object that isn’t exactly a novelty (released in 2011) but - because of the democratization of this means of transportation at all ages and the real need it meets - deserves to be put back on the front of the scene.


The company Micro scooters teamed-up with Samsonite to offer a fun and innovative product, both for travelers and commuters, no more trouble with bags and backpacks on your scooter, it carries them for you!

Forget the luggage carts, now your luggage carries you, ideal to access gates and for airport’s endless corridors...

Samsonite_Micro_scootcase (2).jpg

Result of three years of research and development it weights 5kg, the Micro Scootcase welcomes a driver weighing up to 100kg and can contain 26liters in its hard shell with a modular structure, simple luggage or travel scooter with a handlebar and three wheels.

Samsonite_Micro_scootcase (3).jpg

The price is announced slightly above € 300 (£ 249.99).

Par Technologic Vehicles
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