nCycle, matches function, style and electrification

Here is Marin Myftiu’s latest concept for which he teamed-up with Hussain Almossawi (, this time, it is about a bicycle, an electric bicycle more specifically - with a study that incorporates many features in a nice design.


The nCycle is a pedelec that comes into sub-concepts, all innovations

The handlebar that tilts at 360 ° - is designed as a lock, and thanks to its multi-positions it can adapt to different driving styles

nCycle_e-bike (9).jpg

The upper part of the frame can accommodate your personal belongings such as a computer, files or magazines with a retractable pocket.

nCycle_e-bike (2).jpg

The frame folds in half for a smaller footprint and easy storage in an apartment, for example

nCycle_e-bike (7).jpg

The nCycle is an electric bike with a motor placed in the rear hub, it is powered by two batteries, a little at the front of the frame, just behind the handlebar, and a second, removable with greater capacity that fits into the frame, above the pedals.

nCycle_e-bike (5).jpg

Finally, the handlebar accommodates two lights equipped with Bluetooth speakers.

Unfortunately, at present, the nCycle is only a concept but it clearly deserves production!

That bodes a good year in 2013 with a promising start...

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