(VIDEO) Panamera Sport Turismo from the Concept to the road

We discovered it at the Paris Motor Show in September -one of our favorite of the show- so let’s go back on this beautiful Shooting Brake with two new videos uploaded by Porsche to track the evolution of this plug-in hybrid car, from the genesis of its design to its road debut in the streets of Los Angeles.

Panamera_Sport_Turismo (6).jpg

For the record, the Panamera Sport Turismo is a design concept but mostly a powertrain demonstrator, the e-hybrid technology combining a 333hp petrol V6 engine and a 95hp electric motor. The 9.4kWh battery provides a range of 30km in electric only for a total power of 416hp!

Panamera_Sport_Turismo (3).jpg

From 2014, Porsche series models are expected with an engine derived from it, itself based on the classic hybrid technology already fitted in the Cayenne and Panamera.

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