(VIDEO) B4 Bikes, electric Chopper bikes from Holland

The trend of retro-styling in high-tech objects and vehicles gets a new interpretation with the B4 E-Cruizer, an electric chopper bike that has been presented at the Accenture Innovation Awards.


Designed and created by Janpeter Eilander in partnership with Jos Lenssen engineer in electronics who developed the motor, and supported by a third accomplice Wilco van der Hoorn who manages the sales part.

Their common goal: create an electric bike inspired by the design of the first Harleys, a vehicle performant and functional...

The B4 E-Cruizer was born, a bike described as a "racing monster" with a comfortable beach bike type postion, handmade and custom, they are at the forefront of technology thanks to the access to some ESA researches (European Space Agency)!


Its more detailed specs sheet such as battery capacity or range are not reported yet but it is a PEDELEC limited to 25kph, available with one or two battery packs to complete the look-V Twin ... An approach reminiscent of David Twomey’s Juicer 48V that adds a model to the choppers bikes that we have already presented.

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