(VIDEO) Calculate your daily emissions - Prius Plug-in Virtual Drive

To highlight the versatility, low fuel consumption and emissions of the Prius Plug-in, while empowering motorists, Toyota has created the Prius Plug-in Virtual Drive application that acts as a GPS to calculate your consumption and emissions allowing you to study the environmental impact of your daily commute.

Using Google Street View you can travel the streets of the entire world as you would be if you were driving. The rule of calculation is: a fully charged battery and the first 25 km in electric mode before switching to hybrid mode.

For the record, the specifications of the Prius Plug-in announce a 5.2kWh battery for a 25km range in EV mode with emissions of 49g/km and a combined consumption of 2.1l/100km, recharging takes about 3hrs.

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