Official: European price of the Tesla Model S

So far, the price announced by Tesla for the Model S in Europe was "from € 55,000" an official statement fell yesterday with the announcement of the final pricing, taking into account the $ 2,500 increase announced in late November on each version ...

First, as it was planned, the "Signature" editions will arrive first on the European continent in early 2013 - at a price of € 100,250.

Tesla_ModelS-2013 (3).jpg

Then, the standard versions are expected in 2013 (after the summer) but initially the entry level, the Tesla Model S 40kWh will not be sold, to acquire a Model S you will have to pay € 71,760 for a 60kWh edition, entry price in Europe.

Tesla_ModelS-2013 (2).jpg

The retail prices are as follows

Tesla Model S 85kWh from € 82,150
Tesla Model S Signature Performance € 109,700

The difference between European and U.S. prices are explained as always by customs fees, transport, exchange rates and other taxes ... For the record, the U.S. price of a 65kWh model is $ 69,900 ($ 2500 recent increase took into account).

Tesla_ModelS-2013 (5).jpg

In addition, a few days ago Tesla also announced the set-up of a strategic base with a distribution center of 5750m² in Tilburg, Holland which will be operational by the end of 2013’s first quarter.

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