2012 Paris Boat Show: SunJet Narval, the electric jetski made in France

SunJet Marine is a company based in Sainte Maxime, South of France, they specialize in the design and tuning (with its subsidiary SunJet Racing) of marine turbine vehicles for rescue and leisure professionals.

Since 1993 they win titles in France and around the world...
Based on this experience, SunJet Marine has developed the Narval (Narwhal), a 100% electric jetski, made in France, offering speeds up to 25knots in total silence.


More specifically, they have developed two versions, one driveable without a license, the SunJet Narval and the other the SunJet Narval Sport with respective powers of 6 and 27hp.

SunJet_Marine_Narval (4).jpg

No price or release date has been announced at this time but we will certainly keep you informed.

For now the electric jetski niche is not really represented, ExoConcept tried to reinvent the genre with a recumbent jet, the Exo, but since the announcement of its launch last year in Cannes, no news about the project... Otherwise, an American company DiMora promised an upscale and high performance JetSki in 2010 but that still isn’t available...

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