(VIDEO) Green GT H2, when fuell-cell vehicles sound like jet fighters


It is no longer necessary to introduce Green GT and their prototype H2 that has been revealed to the press during the 2012 edition of the 24hours of Le Mans.

GreenGT_H2_LeMans2012 (6).jpg

Then the car was also unveiled at the Paris Motor Show and we took the opportunity to speak with Jean-Francois Weber, Managing Director of Green GT, to know if the team was on the right track towards the participation in the 2013 edition of Le Mans.

GreenGT_H2_LeMans2012 (6).jpg

Indeed, doubts were legitimate because the car itself has not been officially tested yet... However, all the elements have been tested separately for many years with for example two prototypes of 100% electric cars which allowed to test the drivetrain.
M. Weber told us then that one of the big surprises of this GreenGT H2 would be its sound... I let you discover the pressurization of the fuel cell, awesome turbine sound, far from electric cars whistle!

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