(VIDEO) XAM 2.0 by H2Polito, better, faster, goes rotary


The XAM is an hybrid vehicle created by H2polito, Polytechnic’s school of Turin, after the XAM v1 that competed in the Shell Eco Marathon last year, this year they developed an evolution of their heavy quadricycle (L7e) with range extender, the XAM 2.0.


The technological solution is the same as initially, a range extender hybrid, but this time the 350cc combustion engine is replaced by a bio-ethanol 170cc rotary engine (Wankel) combined with the 6.8kWh lithium-polymer battery range is announced at 70km in electric-only and 600km in combined from a tank of 17 liters, an estimated consumption of 2.8l/100km for emissions of only 27g/km!


The prototype XAM 2.0 is also much faster, despite a weight that doubles (193 to 410 kg), the 15kW and 300Nm of the electric motor allow good accelerations and a maximum speed of 80kph.

H2Polito and the XAM 2.0 have also made the headlines recently taking away an award at the Rally Future Car Challenge in the category Best Extended Range Vehicle in front of the Opel / Vauxhall Ampera.

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