(VIDEO) Smart Electric Drive, made in France, hopes to build 10.000+ from 2014


After the pre-production started since June, Smart has officially announced the launch of series production (and marketing) of the Smart ED at a price of € 12,450 in France after the € 7,000 eco-bonus and with a battery rental fee announced at € 65.

The electric Smart is built in the Hambach plant in France, Tesla is not the powertrain supplier anymore, it is now powered by solution provided by two of Daimler’s alliances, Evonik for the battery and Bosch for the motor.


Thanks to a skilful conception and production, the Smart ED is assembled on the same lines as its combustion cousin, it has for example the same engine cradle.

Daimler plans to produce 1,000 units in 2013 before moving to a five digits production, which would represent 10% of sales for the brand.

The Smart ED can also be purchased with batteries included, add € 4,770.

ED Cab, Brabus and Tailor Made versions are also on the catalog.

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