(VIDEO) Amarok Racing P1A, en route for the 2013 TTXGP with Agni


Amarok Racing took advantage of Toronto’s Motorcycle Show to present the evolution of their electric motorcycle prototype named P1A (A for Advanced) and to announce that they enter the 2013 season of the TTXGP USA under the name of the Amarok-Agni team.

Amarok_P1A (4).jpg

Since its first official tests last month, many new developments have been made, especially on its powertrain with a 7.5kWh battery, optimized regenerative braking and twin Agni 95R motors for a power now flirting with 90hp against 75hp previously!
For the info, the weight of the P1A is not revealed but the one of the P1 was 148kg, offering an interesting power to weight ratio... 
Amarok_P1A (6).jpg

In the next three months, the improvements will be focused on the chassis to present and test the Amarok P2 from the last races of the 2013 season.

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