Geneva 2013: Rinspeed microMAX in the future we will travel upright


Once again, before the 2013 Geneva Motor Show opens its doors, Rinspeed unveils a new concept-car after submarines, range extender trailers for Smart ED (Dock + Go) or beach vehicle, the BamBoo, Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder of Rinspeed presents an electric vehicle concept, a city minivan.


The quality and variety of its inspirations is impressive, this time he wanted to revolutionize short-distance travel with a footprint as small as possible.

The microMAX has been designed for the new requirements and trends in urban mobility, the length of a new Mini (3.6 meters) its height allows to accommodate at least 4 passengers (depending on the configuration) that are installed in semi-seated position with seat belts, making it an ideal vehicle for carpooling, taxi or microbus...

Rinspeed_microMAX (2).jpg

As always with Rinspeed, the interior configuration is flexible, versions adapted for professionals are planned with, in example, the possibility of installing accessories such as a coffee maker or refrigerator...

About its launch or a specs sheet, nothing is announced by the brand that specializes in technology demonstrators that unfortunately never see production...
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