(VIDEO) An electric bus, BYD eBUS-12 tested in Brussels


A BYD eBUS-12 has just been officially loaned to the city of Brussels for scale tests which begin today over a period of two months.


Last week, the local operator STIB / MIVB has received this electric bus that welcomes 27 people seated + 4 folding seats to verify its capabilities. Indeed, the BYD eBUS-12 announces about 250km of range in urban cycle and would be ideal for the STIB which is committed not to order a diesel bus to renew its fleet from 2015.

Packed with sensors and measuring instruments, this bus will go through the city all day, without passengers on representative journeys of the network. However, to test and evaluate its range, and potential infrastructure costs, the weight of the travelers will in turn be reproduced by sandbags.

Among the environmental benefits of this electric bus, it has an iron phosphate battery which less toxic and more recyclable than Lithium Ion. Its recharge takes between 3 to 5 hours on three-phase with powers of respectively 100 and 60kW.

"From 2015, we pledged not to order diesel buses. This is why we are actively studying the market for alternative powertrains.” Brieuc de Meeus, CEO of the STIB.

As part of this process, the purchase of a series of 163 gas-powered buses is in preparation for 2016.

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