(VIDEO) From Paris to Lyon on a Velib'?


Studio Bagel and Maxime Musqua made the buzz on the internet this week with a simple question is Paris’ bike-sharing stations compatible with those of Lyon? (Velib' and Velo'V)


The answer is surprising, although the design of the two bikes is slightly different, the Parisian’s Velib system is compatible Lyon’s Vélo'V - both services are operated by JC Decaux ...

So if you want a green means of transportation to get from one city to another without being embarrassed by your vehicle on site you now have the solution!

About the question of whether Maxime Musqua really cycled the 466km (via highway) and certainly more than 500km through the small roads between the two cities, we have some doubts ... Anyways, we welcome the original idea and fun video!

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