LEAOS, a design carbon electric bike for less than € 4000m


Who says electric bike says high prices, this rule also applies to design and carbon bikes... So when the three elements are met, prices quickly reach from €10,000 to €100,000 as the PG Bikes Black Trail.

LEAOS is a young Italian company, based in Bolzano, they developed a bike that meets these three criterias for a price well below those known until then for such vehicles ... Indeed, at € 3680, the LEAOS pedelec is barely more expensive than a bike responding to only one of these elements!


Its very sleek design, unisex and functional has been imagined by Francesco Sommacal, a young designer whose task has been to include a maximum of elements in the (carbon monocoque) frame, no electric motor or battery is visible at first glance, not even the chain, however, two disc brakes give an indication of the performances of this pedelec.

The LEAOS has a 250Watt and 36V electric motor developed by MPF which offers three levels of assistance, while the 8 gears Shimano Alfine lets you leverage this support, the range or capacity of its Lithium Ion battery are not announced yet.


Customization options will soon be available, for example the color of the frame, tires, multiple options for the saddle, handlebars, and accessories such as mudguards, rack, child seat...

A more powerful version, e-bike is also in the works.
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