(VIDEO) Two new electric scooters from Kymco, Candy 2.0EV, Queen 3.0EV


The Taiwanese manufacturer was for the moment absent from the market of electric two-wheelers, at least in Europe...

At the 2012 EICMA, the brand has introduced two electric scooters, one already marketed locally for two years, the Candy 2.0EV and the other Queen 3.0EV which takes avantage of the experience gained.


The Candy is smaller and lighter, with 2kW of power its range is announced at 57km at 30kph.

The Queen receives a more powerful motor (3kW) and a battery with a higher capacity (58V 20Ah instead 50V 20Ah) and accepts fast charge on 12Ah instead of 5Ah for the Candy, therefore a full charge takes only 2.5 h.

Both models offer a dashboard with consumption indicator, a trunk located under the seat, regenerative braking and even reverse gear!

Note that the Queen 3.0kW will also be offered in a 125cc equivalent version with 6.0kW of power, for the moment no price has been revealed.

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