Renault to present low-cost hybrids and the Twingo goes back-wheel drive


Renault makes the headlines in France this week with two new informations, first in a statement about the potential arrival of low cost hybrid vehicles as well as an update on the new Twingo.

Hybrids: for the time being absent from this segment in favor of pure electric and micro-hybrid Renault has announced through the voice of its managing director Carlos Tavares that they are also working on a low-cost hybrid "a transition technology" according to him, in order to achieve the emission reduction that the brand has set. Several projects of hybrid vehicles are in the works but no release date yet.


Other info of the week, we knew that Renault and Daimler were working on a common platform for the new Twingo and Smart ForTwo / Forfour, codenamed Edison, a platform already tested on the road with first mules spotted for several months...

2014_Smart_ForFour_mule (2).jpg

This is a first for a  Renault city-car, the Twingo is expected to go back-wheel drive and will be powered by Renault’s new three-cylinder, the TCE 90 engine and a 100% electric version will also be available for 2014, Twingo ZE.

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