(VIDEO) Volta BCN, specs confirmed, arrival in early 2013


On the occasion of the EICMA Show in Milan, a -very promising- brand of electric motorcycles is again on the front stage, Volta Motorbikes.


After an initial presentation last year, the Catalan company that created the surprise with a good-looking, performant and affordable product continues its development and announces an upcoming EU launch.

The past year has been used for the development of the series version, with beta models and testers who ensured the performance and reliability of the motorcycle and its components, a development not limited to inner city tests as you can see in the video below where a Volta Beta is tested on the track.

2012_Volta_BCN_track (4).jpg

Three finishes are still on the agenda with a different design but identical performances

Volta BCN City: elegance
MyVolta: custom

For the record, the Volta BCN is driveable with a A1/B license, it develops a continuous 15hp and 35hp in peak for a maximum speed of 120kph while its 3kWh battery pack provides 70km of range.

The distribution network will be announced soon but the brand has already announced several showrooms in Europe...

2012_Volta_BCN_track (5).jpg

For now, the price announced last year (from €7,000) is not confirmed, let’s hope it does not rise too much!

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