(VIDEO) The Vestas Sailrocket 2 reaches 60 knots+

Update of November 14th article with the video of the VSR2 13th run that set the new world speed record at 59.23knots over 500meters with peaks at 63knots!

A few weeks ago we did share Paul Larsen’s (and his team) new record attempts to cross the 60knots ceiling with a sail boat.

This record is a technical feat because of constraints on the boat (Vestas Sailrocket 2) at this speed.


Despite its unusual design, it was not enough for the VSR2 to cross this ceiling easily, many adjustments and many years of development were necessary to achieve the result of the day (project started ten years ago ... ) the average speed over 500 meters has been 54.08knots with peak speeds at 61.92knots...

However, the team will continue its testing to further increase the peak speed and especially the average on 500 meters.

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