(VIDEO) New generation of the Fiat Twin-Air, hybrid version in development?


After the success of this engine in the Fiat 500 with more than 30% of sales, followed by the arrival of the twin-cylinder in other models of the group and as the Punto, Panda or the Alfa Romeo Mito and Lancia Ypsilon, Fiat updates its engine of the year 2011 (for the record Ford’s EcoBoost three-cylinder is the 2012 winner).

The 2013 TwinAir is available in four variants, from 65 to 105hp and in a dual-fuel version with Natural Gas (CNG).

This 900cc twin with turbo allows reductions in consumption and emissions by 30% compared to a four-cylinder with equal power and also features the Start & Stop technology.

The TwinAir engine manages a whopping power of 120hp/liter and meets the Euro 6 standard, which will come into force in 2014.


But that's not all ... Because if we believe the video below, an hybrid version based on the Fiat 500 would be under development: "combination with hybrid technology" however, it is too early to say more and if whether it will be a parallel hybrid (full hybrid) or series hybrid, type range extender, stay tuned!

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