Citroen DS5 Hybrid4, hep Taxi


For the European Taxi Fair in Cologne from November 9 to 10, the DS5 Hybrid4 will be presented in the well known off white color from the German taxis.


Just as the 2013 generation of the 3008HYbrid4, the hybrid DS5 offers even lower emissions starting at 91g/km and 3.5l per 100km for 200hp, a fleet tailored to the needs of the drivers should be available early next year.

DS5_Hybrid4_Taxi (2).jpg

An original way to make our German friends discover or rediscover French luxury, and we are pretty confident with the DS5 as both its exterior design and aviation type interior do the job perfectly...

As part of this offer, the manufacturer warranty is extended to 5 years.
Par Technologic Vehicles
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