Momentum Electric Upstart an electric bike with a thin frame


Most electric bikes are noticeable at first glance via their frame, but not this one. As you probably know by now, we have some inclination towards the most beautiful and innovative of them with as recent examples the Spiked Cycles, Elmoto HR-1, Peugeot eDL or Electrolyte.

This pedelec offered by Momentum Electric is not the most design but one of the simplest, very close to a conventional bicycle with a frame geometry designed specifically to house a 324Wh Lithium Ion battery.


But this simplicity is only in the looks because its 250Watt electric motor located in the front wheel is actuated via the crankset and a torque sensor (Autorq ®) while the SRAM Automatix transmission automatically manages two speeds.

Despite these technologies the Momentum Electric Upstart is priced at € 1,395, with a two year warranty.

An accessorized version with a more feminine design is available, the Model T, announced at the same price and with the same specs.

Momentum-Electric-ModelT (2).jpg
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