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At the 2012 Munich eCarTec we discovered an electric Porsche Boxster, but it is not a model developed by the manufacturer as the Boxster E 2WD and Boxster E 4WD presented in early 2011 but a creation of an independent, fleck-machines.

Indeed, fleck-machines specializes in the conversion of combustion cars (or bikes) in electric cars, and they haven’t been afraid to convert myths like the Fiat 500 that we presented in detail a few days ago, Isetta, or Beetle.


Briefly, the Isetta offers 16kW continuous and 30kW in peak in with a range of 80km, the speed is limited to 80kph.

The Beetle is more sporty with 70kW and 180nm torque for 180km of range.

About the electric Porsche Boxster, it also receives a motor developing 70kW in peak (94hp) for 23kWh of battery, showing a range of 200km, a top speed of 180kph and accelerating "as the petrol version."

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