(VIDEO) Creating synthetic gasoline from air and electricity


Here is a breaking innovation coming from the UK, researchers of the company Air Fuel Synthesis (or AFS) managed by Peter Harrison.

The idea is relatively simple, it is based on the principle of photosynthesis and produces a synthetic fuel, gasoline or methanol, as you can see in the explanation below.


Divided into several stages, there is on one side hydrogen electrolysis, on the other, CO2 is captured from the air, then CO2 and H2 are brought into contact in a "reactor" where they produce a “carbon-neutral” synthetic fuel.

Important detail: the transformation process is energy efficient and should theoretically be supplied renewable electricity such as wind or use the energy surplus that cannot be absorbed by the grid.

Air Fuel Synthesis recently won the CleanTech Investor Future Transport Challenge and is looking for funding.

The time is now in the technology demonstration phase before production pilots start with over one ton per day by plant.

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