(VIDEO) An electric Toyota GT86 "FT86EV" laps Suzuka in 2:57 minutes


After the Toyota 2000GT SEV, here is a new curiosity and world premiere of a conversion to electric propulsion of the recent Toyota GT86 (called FT86 in Japan).

FT86EV (2).jpg

The FT86EV is a high performance technology demonstrator developed with the help of sponsors like Whelmer and TGMY (to whom we already owe the Himiko electric...)

The GT86 is equipped with an electric motor that delivers 75kW in peak (100hp) and 240Nm, instead of the original 200hp and 205 nm, with a weight that increases of 202kg (1460kg against 1258kg: maximum weight for the version with manual transmission).

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Despite the overweight and reduced power, the instantaneous torque enables good performances on the track with a maximum speed of 200kph.
Its 37kWh Lithium Polymer battery pack should offer, according to preliminary tests up to 250km of range.

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The FT86EV features a four-speed transmission and receives 20 points adjustable suspensions by BILS for the best setups according to the conditions. Developments of this FT86 EV will continue on the track.

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On the occasion of one of its first public demo, the electric GT86 achieved a time of 2:57.0588 on Suzuka, not far from the best time of combustion engine sport-cars, ie with 274hp, the NSX does 2: 50 on the race-track...

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