Lexus to reveal a compact SUV (NX300h)?


Lexus has recently trademarked two names in the United States and Canada, starting the rumour mill...
According to Lexus’ known nomenclatures, it should be a little brother of the RX450h, the NX300h (also available as a combustion, the NX200t).

This rumor is in the logic of the market where Compact Crossovers are in great shape, and since Lexus has a new engine as fitted in the ES300h, why not!

The rumor is also confirmed by the statements of Mark Templin, Lexus vice president:
“In early 2014...we’ll offer 8 hybrid choices to customers around the globe.”

For the record, the 300h engine combines a 2.5l Atkinson cycle engine with an electric motor for 300 hp and a consumption under 6l per 100km.

For the moment no image is available and none of Lexus’ old concepts does seem to stick to the description ... The question is whether Lexus will introduce a new concept of hybrid SUV (in Los Angeles or Detroit for example) soon or if it will take longer...

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